The Railway Services & Technical Construction Engineering Co.  (RSTC) was established in 1992 as one
of the biggest  affiliated companies of the Railways of  I. R. of Iran (RAI) . From the outset , this company
could  bring   great and  innovative  changes  into  the  railway  industry  under the auspices of  committed
specialist and well-experienced staff ; so that upon establishment of the company , development of the rail
network had considerable quantitative and qualitative growth.
The existence philosophy  of the company  is  contributing to enhance and maintain the rail network of the
country, for which  the  main  tasks of it include production of sleepers for the track lines, super-structuring,
reconstructing the track lines as well as maintenance of the existing permanent way across Iran.Of course,
RSTC has  not  sufficed itself only  to  develop and  maintain  the  railway network, and based on its  policies,
this company has expanded its activities in the fields of civil works, road construction and roadways.