Prestressed Concrete Turnout Sleeper

it is usually used for turnouts, which since long time ago the wooden types have been applied within the rail network of Iran. However, through investment  by RSTC in this filed,  the world`s modern  technology to  manufacture  Prestressed   Concrete  Turnout   Sleepers for  switches was  transferred into lran and by construction  and   launching  the  Prestressed  Concrete Turnout  Sleeper factory in 2009, became the first manufacturer of these types of sleepers in the Middle-East.
Currently, different Prestressed Concrete Turnout  Sleepers of U1C60  types with  various radii  are manufactured in this factory  as  per the  global  standards and railway criteria, which have the  following characteristics:

- annual production capacity of 1000 sets (75 pcs) of prestressed concrete turnout   sleepers via 4 production lines;
- useful life of 50 years comparing 15 year s for wooden sleepers;
- increased life - cycle of blade;
- increased train\'s speed from 80 km/h to 150 km/h;
- reduced sound vibration when train runs on the rail;
- avoid damages to the environment (due to not using creosote and fuel oil).