Track Renewall

Construction of new track lines is among the services of this company. This company is capable of constructing 1000 km of new rail lines
annually. Super structuring of the ballasted tracks is made by one of the following systems. 
   1.   a 100% mechanized system with track laying machine and continuous welded rails (CWR) with assembling track at site, and daily    capacity of 1500 m per shift;
   2.   a mechanized panelling system with line assembling at the central workshop, with a capacity of 1000 m per shift;
   3.   a semi-mechanized panelling system with assembling at the central workshop or ex-works with a capacity of 500 m per shift.
 After rail laying operation, it would be the time for ballasting, levelling, rail joints welding, track adjustment and fastening  by mechanized machinery.