Short look at RSTC Co.:

Railway Services and Technical Construction Engineering Co. (RSTC) was established in 1992 as one of the biggest affiliated companies of Islamic Republic of Iran Railway. Since the beginning of its activities with God’s attributes and excellence and use of dedicated, expert and experienced staff, it has been able to revolutionize this section of the rail industry in such a way that the development of the railway network after establishment of the company has experienced considerable quantitative and qualitative growth. In accordance with Article 44 of the Constitution of the country, this company was transferred to the private sector in May 2010 and is now one of the subsidiaries of Amir Mansur Aria Investment Development Company.

The existence philosophy of this company is helping to develop and maintain the country’s railways. In this regard, the main tasks of the company are Production of wooden and concrete sleepers, superstructure, reconstruction, improvement and renewal of rail and metro lines, as well as maintenance of the permanent way and existing technical structures in the railway network of Iran.

Of course, the company has not sufficed itself to develop and maintain the rail network and has expanded its policies in road construction and other fields of development.

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