The products of the company are divided into two parts: the production of goods and the provision of services.

The products of the company include different types of sleepers used on the railway track. also, Services include superstructure, reconstruction, improvement, substructure and maintenance of railways permanent way, metros and roads, which will be briefly introduced below.

Production and Service Capacity

The Railway Services and Technical Construction Engineering Co. (RSTC), with its unique facilities and special assets, have the special capability to execute major national projects in different forms including EPC and EPC+F.

A glance at the company’s background in developing infrastructures of the railroad transportation industry of the country is evidenced by this issue.

The nominal capacity of products and provision of technical and engineering services

   Production of 100,000 pieces of wooden sleepers per year

   Production of concrete sleepers in different types, 1,000,000 pieces per year

   Production of concrete turnout sleepers (4 sets per day)

   Production of concrete sleepers with 30 tons axle load

   Capability for execution of track lines superstructure (construction of new lines) 1500 km per year

   Improvement of track lines (repair of existing lines) 500 km

   Maintenance of lines and technical constructions in 13 areas of RAI

   Rail joint welding 500,000 pieces per year

   Execution of non-ballast track lines (slabs track) 150 km

   Construction of substructure and technical structures of track lines 350 km

   Design and construction of track cars and all necessary vehicles with bogie system and traffic permission on all rail lines.

Quality Assurance of Products and Services

Regarding the establishment of quality management system and endeavors of the chief managers of the company, in order to continuously improve the quality of services, The Railway Services and Technical Construction Engineering Co. (RSTC), delivers customized products and services to its clients, and committed itself to deliver the highest quality products to its customers; so that in case if any possible failures, the company will replace the defected product with a sound one, till one year of the production date or six months after track super-structuring work.

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