Manufactured sleepers are mainly provided with two types of wooden and concrete. These sleepers have different types, among which the following are important:

Pre-stressed concrete sleepers, types B70 and B58, which are produced according to the requirements of clients with various types such as Vossloh, Pandrol and K. In addition to its ability to produce all kinds of sleepers, the company could also manufacture pre-cast concrete with different types of cement and a variety of concrete products based on clients requirements.

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Concrete turnout sleepers are commonly used for switches (turnouts), which since long time ago the wooden types have been applied to the rail network of Iran. However, through investment by The Railway Services and Technical Construction Engineering Co. (RSTC) in this field, the world`s modern technology to manufacture prestressed concrete turnout sleepers for switches was transferred into Iran and by construction and launching the production plant in 2009, became the first manufacturer of these types of sleepers in western Currently, different concrete turnout sleepers of UIC60 types with various radii are manufactured in this plant as per global standards and railway criteria, which have the following characteristics:

  • the annual production capacity of 600 sets
  • Useful service life of 50 years
  • Reduced final costs
  • Increased life cycle of blade
  • Increased train speed to 150 Km/h
  • Reduced sound vibrations when train runs on rail
  • avoid environmental damages (due to not using creosote, and fuel oil)

The di-block sleeper used in concrete lines is, in fact, a non-prestressed reinforced concrete structure which is drowned in concrete slabs. Currently, this company has the possibility of manufacturing reinforcement grids for the production of different Di-block sleepers for urban and inter-urban railways with a variety of size of rebars.

Due to the increasing requirements of the rail transportation network to carry heavy loads as well as to increase the speed of trains, this company has designed and manufactured Prestressed Concrete sleeper with 30 tons axle load on its agenda and succeeded in mass production of these sleepers. Primary experiments on these sleepers have been positive and confirm the high quality and reliability of this product.

RSTC is capable to produce all types of wooden sleepers in accordance with UIC standards such as ordinary, bridge, and turnout wooden sleepers. The main difference between these sleepers is in the size of the sleepers and their place of use. To increase the life cycle, all types of produced wooden sleepers are saturated and then shipped for use. Saturation of various types of boards used in docks, ships, etc. is commissioned by Ports, Shipping along with the Fisheries organizations, as well as the saturation of various beams of electric lights and telephones by the Ministries of Energy and Telecommunications.

Also, the production of different types of wooden products such as timbers, lumbers, etc. is among the other capabilities of the company.

The company has the ability to manufacture all kinds of pre-cast concrete products, including precast concrete walls in various sizes and dimensions, in accordance with international standards, which are made in Karaj Concrete sleeper production plants and has been delivered for installation in  Tehran metro (Sadeghieh-Golshahr stations).

The Railway Services and Technical Construction Engineering Co. (RSTC) possesses five big factories with diverse products that make this company fully distinguished across Middle-East countries. These factories are:

Site Name
Concrete sleepers production plants2Karaj and AndimeshkOrdinary prestressed concrete sleepers, concrete sleepers with 30 tons axle load, concrete products and coupling assembling (closed lines)
Concrete turnout sleeper production plants1KarajProduction of Prestressed concrete turnout sleeper
Production and saturation of wooden sleepers plants2Shirgah & GhazvinProduction and saturation of different wooden sleepers and other wooden products
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